Best Android Apps for 2019

Best Android Apps and Games for 2019
These are the best Android apps and games that you can download on your Android phone or tablet in 2019. Have you just got a new device or are you just looking for something fun, useful or different from what we covered.

All our favorite Android apps will help with productivity, keep you entertained or even help you lose weight, save money and quit smoking in 2019.

Most of the best Android apps on our list are completely free. And if not, they only spend a few dollars or make some in-app purchases. That said, paid applications usually provide a better experience, and are worth the small price. Whether it’s your first Android, or you have a year, install these apps and games.
Best android apps
Android supports multiple devices of all sizes, shapes and manufacturers, and so do applications. Which means our list will work whether you have a Galaxy S9 running Android 9 Pie or an older tablet with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Almost every app is backward compatible. That said, new games may be needed for select games and other intensive apps.

We start with a large list of the best Android apps, games and services by category. Then, continue reading for additional details and links to download many of our favorites. This is a big list, so let’s start.

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My Daily Android Apps
Here are the Android applications I use the most. I keep many of these on my home screen or in the dock and my favorites have full folders. Like a folder full of video streaming apps, socials and games. I start with considering my essential apps, then break into more categories below.

Google Play Music – Storage of up to 20,000 of my own songs with Google Play Music, and an all-access subscription of endless music, it’s always on my home screen.

Reddit is Fun – It is one of the best Android apps for Reddit users due to all the features and clean design. I use it on the official Reddit app or can also recommend Reddit Flow.

Downloads – I’m always downloading files, pictures, GIFs, memes and more, so it’s important to keep the download folder nearby.

Netflix – Not much to say here. Watch thousands of movies, TV series, documentaries and more with Netflix. Or try Hulu and Sling TV.

Clash Royale – With millions of players worldwide on both Android and iOS, Clash Royale is one of the most popular (and addictive) games.

Instagram – This is popular for many reasons, but I like the ease of use and all the filters to make my photos come alive with Instagram.

Samsung Pay – If you haven’t tried it, strongly recommend using Samsung Pay if you have a Galaxy smartphone. Easy mobile payments at about 95% of stores across America. It is far superior to Apple Pay or Google Pay and lags behind older terminals as well. It works everywhere. If you don’t have a Galaxy, use Google Pay on your Pixel, Moto or LG phone.

Google Maps – If you need directions, navigation directions, or are looking for a place nearby, there is nothing in Google Maps. Nothing.

Bank of America – Everyone uses a different app for their bank, but I keep my banking app front and center so that I can check funds, transfer payments and with ease and Too much. Venmo is also an excellent app, which you can use to send and receive money from friends and family easily and securely (and for free).
Texra SMS – If you want a new text message app instead of what you have received on your phone, try Textra SMS. This is the best text message replacement SMS app on the Play Store so far.

Find Google My Device – If you ever lose your phone, whether it’s at home or on the couch or when you’re out and about, you want Google’s Find My Device app. Previously known as Android Device Manager. You can full blast your phone ring, lock the screen, erase your data and more remotely.

Scary Voice – Discovering and speaking music is easier than ever before thanks to Soundhound. I have a widget to click on a song to instantly get more information .

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