Best Video Editing App-Top 2 Free Video Editor

Best Video Editing App-Top 10 Free Video Editor
Best video editing application needed for editing plays or movies. Video editing is a heavy task for any device. Video editing that in low quality video will make it more beautiful. There are many types of free video editors.

Nowadays, everyone likes to choose a smartphone for video editing as well, but all the best video editor apps on mobile are nothing compared to computers. Because video editing is not a very easy task, it requires a proper specification for the device. It is not yet possible to provide a good quality video editing from a smartphone. But after that, it is possible to edit a good quality video on a mobile phone.

To edit any video, we learn how to use good quality software or applications. There are many types of best video editing application available in Google Play Store, but whose one works best from here and whose one video editing apps can help the most, so many people are hesitant about it . But in the lower limit, there are some good quality video editors on the playstore to make a video edit.

Today’s discussion of some of the best video editing app in android phone on playstore, so let’s talk about the best video editor for android mobile.

VivaVideo Video Editor
Video editing is possible on a computer as well as smartphone through the video editor application. However, the best video editing apps are difficult to find. In this case, the difficulty of finding ‘Viva Video Apps’ useful video editing apps can be reduced. Video editing a lot of ease with Android video editor.

VivaVideo apk app is one of the besties video editing app, photo slideshow maker and movie editing apps for android. You can easily make VivaVideo a professional-looking video with just a few taps. Not only video editing, but there are also excellent video cameras available in this app. As a result, recorded videos are easier to edit with these applications.

VivaVideo has 200 million users worldwide, proves that it is one of the best video editing apps for a smartphone. VivaVideo has many impressive video editing facilities that will give you excellent video editing experience.

VivaVideo Best Video Editing App Features
The app is a live visual effects mood. Style with animated bubble, the same video can be rendered differently with different titles.
Using the app, you can create video effects immediately and there will be no need to have video effects added later.
There multi capture mode and multi trimmer facilities. As a result, the same video can be taken in different ways.
Through multi music, you can add one music or multi music in video.
Using the app you can easily share videos with social media.
Powerful video editor.
Creative Video Camera Lens.
Easy to use slideshow maker.
Unique Video Collage (Picture in Picture) Producer.
It is a free and user friendly application that is comfortable for Android and iOS. If you want to use VivaVideo pro apk version, you have to pay for premium version.

App purchases price

Monthly VIP Membership $ 4.49
Premium Pack Unlock $ 4.99
Annual VIP Membership $ 10.99
Premier Gold Monthly $ 2.49
Remove water mark $ 1.99
Unlock HD Export $ 1.99
Remove Period Limit $ 1.99
Unlock video adjustment $ 1.99
Animated Text Package $ 0.99
Premier Gold Annual $ 9.99
Free video editor
Enjoy the VivaVideo pro apk version.

KineMaster best video editing app
KineMaster ended a revolution in Android video editing. KineMaster video editing app smartphone is the world’s best video editor, and it can be used to create professional video editing on mobile.

KineMaster is not only the full-featured professional video editing apps apk and it’s just a video editor for Android, but there are many great tools to create new videos or slideshow videos.

KineMaster pro apk
KineMaster is a professional, secure video editing software for Android. This application has an advantage in the form of many videos, images, effects, overlays, stickers, text and handwriting layers which can only be done by computer.

One of the most important feature is the Chrome key as in the “Camtasia” Chrome Key feature. There are many more benefits to convert multitrack audio, color booty filters, 3D, etc.

The KineMaster app has all the necessary video editing tools. Necessary tools include blurring, video speed changing, etc. You can access your trial version of the app from Playstore by free download. But for kindmaster pro apk, you have to subscribe with $ 4.99 per month.

KineMaster Video Editor Feature

Video cut.
The entire video can be inserted in one frame.
• Introduction and “done” YouTube videos can be made.
• Video “photo” and video layer can also be used on video “photo”.
• Animated effects can be used.
• Video background can be cropped using “Chroma Key”.
• Easy to use to create a presentation.
• Many animation styles.
• Speed control for video clips.
• Volume Envelope.

• transition effect.
• A quality of themes, animations, and visual and audio effects.
• Share the project on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Dropbox and more.
• Real-time video and audio recording.

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