Best Video Editing App-Top 3 Free Video Editor

1)Helen’s best video editing app
Although our phones have many alternative video making applications, you can try Helen. This application is very user friendly for Android smartphones, tablets, and Windows Phone. If you are not happy with your default Video Editing App. The default applications do not provide the most useful video editing functions.

You can use Helen Video. Making video is simple with Helen, Helen gives you rich, informative video creation experience. Many apps download from the Google Play Store, which require powerful tools for video creation.

Easy to use and fast
Its not as difficult as video editing work. If you have a little bit of knowledge about video editing, you can create a professional quality video with Helen. If you are a first time or use desktop level video editing software user. Helen app, and quickly makes high-quality video editing.

Now the Helen Chromebook is secure video editing apps. It takes more than 5 minutes to complete a 3 minute long video, so the process has a short interval. The edited video can save any one of the phone memory or memory card.

Best video editing app Helen Feature.

Doing Photos with Video: Photo and Video Collage.
Chromebook compatible: Fast editing video shortcuts & hotkeys with keyboard.
Video Effects: Add effects and sounds on Combine images and video editing, etc.
Movie Maker: Add voice to video, add a custom soundtrack, add custom music & volume and more.
Slow Motion: Slow motion video effect with few taps.
If you want to, helen pro apk or helen bundle apk you will be paid $ 0.99 – $ 34.99 on every item.

2)Free video editor
Quick Best Video Editing App
Quick Video Editor is a more popular Android application for creating an excellent video. The app is an opportunity to edit videos quickly. In addition, the application has the ability to create a video. After editing the video, there are also options to share the resolution directly to the editor.

Photo video maker
Quick Video Editor is a great application for people who upload videos to YouTube. YouTube is the preferred option because it can be created with YouTube ID. This app allows videos to make a very good introduction to YouTube. You can create generous intro, sound and text fonts by changing the picture.

The most important fact is that the app does not have any annoying ads.

Best video editing appquick feature
Add your photos + videos: you can make videos with up to 75 photos.
Choose your theme: adjust the font, filters, filter intensity, and graphics to fit your style.
Customize your videos: Trim, zoom and rotate photos and video clips.
Sound Pick: Pick a better soundtrack from iTunes library or iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive.
Save and share videos: Save videos in gorgeous formats such as HD 1080p or 720p and share your personal quick links via text or email.
Free video editor
3)Funimate best video editing app
If you see the effect of the funimate app you will be a little surprised. But overall it is not very much a powerful video editing application. But funimate apk is for those funny dances who can, break dance, this app is especially best for them Tiktok. The effects of this application are very interesting indeed.

A popular application for making short music videos is ‘Funimate’. Just using the 94 MB app, the bus music video does not make it even live animations and has various types of sound effects feature. Not only this, the application can be used in eight languages.

Funimate Video EditorFeatures

Add Video Effects: You can add 100+ video effects.
Make an impact: You can make your own impact on your phone.

Add music to video: Add music to your video and make a cool video.
Add Emoji, Stickers & Text To Video: Add Text To Emoji, Stickers & Video And Make Lip Matching Video Or Slow Motion Video.
Video Merge, Cut & Trim feature.
Free video editor
If you want funimate paid feature of apk you will be paid $ 2.99 – $ 59.99 on every item.

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