Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

  1. Snooze

When it comes to enhancing the quality of shots, a huge collection of filters and precise feature control tools prove to be important editing elements, and much to the delight of users, Snapped comes with a rich collection of such features. But what really sets Google’s image editing app apart is the in-depth integration of customized control variables into each filter and tool, enabling us to get the desired result and post that entire image on Instagram.

Even though the sheer variety of editing tools and effects may be overwhelming in the beginning, once you get hold of them and know where your favorite tools are, you will evolve into a certified photo editing machine. Snapseed also has some other standout features, such as the ability to edit RAW DNG files and export them as JPG files without any loss in quality.

Then there is the extremely nifty ‘selective saturation’ feature, which allows users to select eight dots on the image and make the desired enhancement in the exact same location without affecting the entire image. In addition, there is another very useful functionality called ‘QR Look’, which allows users to create a QR code of the final image, and only apply the same effect to another unadjusted image by scanning the code. And hey, the app is absolutely free!

  1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Adobe’s Photoshop line-up is synonymous with the best-in-class image editing software and most widely used enhancement tool that they want, and its Android counterpart — Photoshop Lightroom CC — inherits the same DNA for sure. The first thing about the Lightroom CC app is that it has the device’s clean interface and clutter-free organization, but make no mistake, the app is loaded with enough editing tools and filters that won’t leave you for much.

The app’s notable auto preset feature allows users to capture RAW images in Pro / HDR / Auto mode with up to five different camera effects and allows them to see results before clicking photos. Lite-C can be the perfect app for editing images, however, if you want the right Photoshop experience, you should go for the premium tier that charges $ 4.99 monthly subscription, but is worth it.

For starters, you’ll get 100GB of cloud storage on Adobe’s servers to protect your masterpiece, aside from an unhealthy access to mobile, desktop and web versions of Lightroom. The premium version of Photoshop Lightroom brings some very cool goodies such as Adobe Sensai (an AI-based feature that identifies objects and automatically tags photos), RAW image editing on smartphones and selective image adjustments (to users Allows to tweak and enhance specific parts of the image).

  1. Photodirector

PhotoDirector is a surprisingly good image editing app that brings a very minimal UI brooming with enhancements and editing tools such as filters, lighting effects and various other add-ons to breathe new life into the images users click .

PhotoDirector boasts a wide array of image editing features, and is a particularly notable app removal object, which erases undesirable objects from an image in a jolt and in a very subtle way.

But there is also another area where PhotoDirector really shines — its camera tool. The app’s camera lens offers a wide range of filters, the intensity of which can be adjusted in real-time, supporting face detection and gesture for clicking images at different aspect ratios.

  1. Cymera

Cymera is one of those apps that can be considered a jack of all trades, as it not only offers an impressive collection of image editing tools, but it also boasts a very useful camera function, in two modes Divided: A beauty mode with a lot of filters, a normal mode for selfie clicking and flexing the rear snapper muscles.

Symera’s image editing tools adjust traditional options such as mosaic, texture, and hue to adjust adjustment function to variables such as function mode, saturation, etc. The app allows users to create a collage and convert selfies into memes by adding text in various fonts. Styles and colors to show their creative side.

Another aspect of the Cymera app that is worth noting is the Automatic Face Recognition feature, which showcases its magic in enhancing selfies by applying over 200 different makeup effects as well as illumination tools, masks, etc.

  1. Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary is arguably one of the best photo editing apps, and for a good reason, thanks to the sheer variety of editing options and the clutter-free way they are located on the app’s homepage, making it highly accessible to users is convenient. To find the desired filters and equipment.

The app is full of image retouching tools that are sufficient for our basic photo editing needs, but some of them are noticeable due to their nifty functionality and great performance. A prime example is the app’s ‘splash’ functionality, which allows users to selectively render a particular part of an image in color, while the rest is automatically converted to a black and white shade, allowing the image to Professionally tuned.

Also, if you feel that you are running short of terrible effects like filters and stickers, you can always buy an extra pack. Another notable feature is the app’s search feed, where you can view images created by other community members and know the exact filters they use and also the order in which they are designed to create a delicacy Was applied like a recipe for.

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