Here Are Samsung’s 5 Creative Lab Projects To Be Shown At CES 2020

The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the biggest conventions for innovators around the world. It’s a great place to exhibit the latest inventions in consumer electronics. Samsung will be using their exhibit to show off five of their incubator projects from their Creative Lab for CES 2020. With a lot of press attending, Samsung hopes to stir up the media with their wacky inventions.

  1. SelfieType – Say Goodbye to Bluetooth Keyboards?

You may have purchased a bluetooth keyboard to bring with you and write on your commute. But sometimes, you could just forget them and leave them behind when you go to work. The SelfieType virtual keyboard solves this problem without the need for any additional hardware.

SelfieType uses your smartphone’s selfie camera to track your fingers clicking – pantomiming keyboard typing and then uses a proprietary AI software to convert these movements into keyboard input. Curious how it works, or if it even works properly? You’ll get a chance to try it this January at CES 2020.

  1. Hyler – No More Encoding Forever

Hyler saves you a lot of time. Gone are the days of getting a photocopy of an important document and having to retype everything for a digital copy. Hyler scans the words you highlight with it and saves it to be used digitally. In addition to this, Hyler has a built-in search engine tool that allows you to search for related terms and terminologies of the text you’re digitizing.

  1. Becon – Accurate Hair Diagnosis at Home

You’ll never have to guess why your hair is shedding really badly. Simply have this handheld portable device on your scalp, and it’ll give you a diagnosis within minutes. It makes use of machine learning to analyze your hair follicle density, dead skin, sensitivity, temperature, and humidity, among other conditions.

Becon has a compatible smartphone app where you could see your scalp’s diagnosis. The app will also give you suggestions for treatment, along with tips on how to keep your hair healthy.

  1. SunnySide – Vitamin D Factory Indoors

Nothing beats having the sunshine on your skin to feel its warmth and nurturing touch. The next best thing is SunnySide. SunnySide is a window-shaped device that you put indoors on your wall. It gives you artificial light, which, Samsung says, gives you enough Vitamin D you should be getting with sunlight – without the harmful radiation and skin conditions that too much sunlight could do to you.

You may be laughing at the idea of having an artificial sunlight inside-facing window right now, but just think how handy this thing would be in case of a nuclear winter.

  1. Ultra V – Monitoring Vitamin D and UV Exposure

There might be no other convenient way to monitor your vitamin D intake and exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays. That’s why Ultra V is a welcome innovation. It doesn’t only give us a measurement for these rather intangible but important stats. Ultra V also conveniently integrates with your current wearable biometric devices. You can view the Ultra V’s diagnostics with a compatible smartphone app, so you’d know that you need to go outside and feel the sun some more. Or get a SunnySide.

C-Lab Outside Projects

Samsung will also be showcasing four “outside projects” during CES 2020. These projects are done in collaboration with startups not related to Samsung, but are done under the Creative Lab umbrella. These projects are Circulus’ piBoFITTVtouch, and Smoothy.

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